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Cycle Law

Cycle Center LawMark Broadwell created The Cycle Law Center™ as an advocacy platform for all Virginia cyclists and motorcyclists. Whether you are an accomplished racer or simply ride for pleasure, whether you ride to commute or for sport, we are here to help. 

Mark has been an avid cyclist since he jumped a creek over a homemade ramp on his tricked-out Schwinn in 1972. A couple years later, he got his first motorcycle and has been an enthusiast since. He is well known in the Peninsula cyclist community as a mountain bike afficionado and as an avid road cycling enthusiast.  

Over the years, Mark Broadwell has helped victims of cycle and motorcycle crashes caAttorney Broadwell in a bicycle competitionused by the negligence of others. As a cyclist, he has a keen sense of the importance of cycling, and he understands the laws applicable to cycling crashes.  

The injuries sustained by cyclists are rarely “accidental.” In the last several years, distracted driving has emerged as the single largest cause of injuries to cyclists. Drivers who text or scroll on their phones kill or injure thousands of cyclists every year. This has to stop. As an advocate for cyclists, making careless distracted drivers pay in court is one way to combat this problem. But it is not enough. Broadwell is active in lobbying state representatives for much-needed cycling law changes and public awareness campaigns. 

The Cycle Law Center is here to help the local cycling community. We help with everything ranging from traffic tickets to catastrophic injury/wrongful death cases.